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Trash to Treasures

While perusing Pinterest the other day, I came across Special E, a green company devoted to recycling leftover items from all kinds of events, including weddings, conventions, trade shows, and meetings…then repurposes them in ways that help the environment as well as people in need.

Rescued items such as balloons, fabrics and linens, centerpieces, notebooks and binders are sent to homeless shelters, women and children’s shelters, schools, hospitals, and disaster relief agencies.  Learning that Special E recycles left-over items didn’t surprise me as much as learning what they actually do with some of them. Items that are not donated, such as broken plates, bottle caps, corks, and can tabs are sent off to artists to be repurposed into things like earrings, necklaces, women’s pocket books, and other decorative items. Check out some of the unique and fashionable items they have come up with:

Fork Necklace made from discarded tableware

Glass Pendant made from discarded bottle of Absolut Vodka

Pull tab purse


Share Packages are another very unique and inspiring aspect of Special E’s mission. With the state of our economy, the homeless aren’t the only ones struggling. Many families are having trouble putting food on their tables due to economic hardship, perhaps caused by layoffs or natural disasters. When putting together an event, consider Special E’s Share Packages. Share Packages provide food for the same number of hungry children as there are attendees at your event; they will then deliver this food to a food pantry (or similar location) in your local community. In addition, for every table you have set up at your event, Special E will plant a tree. What a great way to reduce your carbon footprint! The next time you plan a program, consider contacting Special E. There is nothing better than throwing a successful event, while helping the environment AND giving back to the local community.

For more information on Special E checkout their website at http://www.thespeciale.com/index.html, follow them on Twitter @thspecialeco or on Facebook.

**Images used with permission and are © Special E

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