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Maximize Your Earning Potential

As a follow up to our previous post on Frequent Flyer Programs, and for those readers who don’t typically get to travel as frequently as they would like, we wanted to share some other ways to help you incur frequent flyer miles.

Many Frequent Flyer programs offer alternate methods to get you closer to redeeming a free ticket. While miles/points earned through affiliate programs won’t apply to reaching an elite status they will apply to your mileage balance. Check out the alternatives below and be sure to read in to them!

Airline Network partners: Almost every major airline in the world is part of a network of airline partners. There are three:

• Skyteam (www.skyteam.com)
• Star Alliance (www.staralliance.com)
• Oneworld (www.oneworld.com).

You are able to receive frequent flyer mileage credit for any preferred program anytime you travel on a carrier within the same network of partners. For example, if you are a Delta Skymiles member, you can choose to receive your mileage credit on Delta when flying any of the airlines within the Skyteam network. Familiarize yourself with the airline network that your preferred airline is a part of so that you can filter your flight options accordingly and increase your accrual opportunities on your preferred carrier.

Hotel Properties and Rental Car Company Partners: Many hotel properties and rental car vendors allow you to select an option through their own reward programs to link your frequent flyer number and accrue airline miles/points. We recommend that you double check your account options for any hotel/car programs that you are a member of and ensure that your preferred airline program is selected as the default for any mileage/points accrual opportunities.

Credit / Debit Cards: Majority of airlines feature affiliated credit cards and debit cards that allow you to earn miles towards their frequent flyer program for every dollar charged. Check with each of airline websites under ‘ways to earn miles’ for a list of affiliates.

Mileage Malls: Larger airlines offer shopping programs with an extensive network of retailers that award you miles/points for purchases made through their designated website. Additionally, they may offer free shipping and other promotions. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Mileage Mall for your airline of choice and start earning miles/points for your purchases.

And More: There are many more earning opportunities… either too many to list or limited-time offers for each airline program. We’d recommend that you go to the ‘GET MILES’ section of your frequent flyer program webpage to get familiar with the standard offerings and frequently check back for additional opportunities added. It’s a great way to increase your mileage balance with little effort!

**Special thanks to Michelle Reese, Travel Manager with Integress Meetings and Events for her significant contribution to this post.

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