This week’s Inspiration comes from Lynda:

My favorite magazine is Food & Wine magazine. I entertain a lot and this magazine has helped me deliver some of the most mouth-watering and beautiful dishes, complemented by some very inexpensive but pleasing wines.

September 2009 issue

September 2009 issue

Their recipes are simple and quick and their suggested wines can be found at your local grocery store, eliminating a trip to the liquor store.

Do you know how to sniff out corked wine? If not Food & Wine can teach you. Need tips on how to “Grill” food properly, Food & Wine has a few suggestions that will change the way you grill.

Next time you are planning a party check out the Food & Wine magazine, you will not be disappointed and your guests will be amazed by your culinary and sommelier skills.  

My favorite appetizer recipe this month: Griddled Goat Cheese with Spicy Olives, cook & prep time: 25 minutes, serves 10. Leave a comment if you’d like me to send you the recipe!

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