Healthy Travels

Do you find yourself travelling for work more than you’d like? Have you noticed any changes in your health? According to some researchers at Columbia University, there is a strong correlation between travelling for business and an increase in health problems.

We all know that travelling can be stressful. Whether it’s caused by the job or the actual travelling, stress can negatively affect you in many ways. Researchers at Columbia University reviewed data from 13,000 people who participated in a corporate wellness program. They found that 80% of participants travelled for work at least 1 night a month, while 1% travelled for work at least 20 nights per month. Shockingly, obesity was 92% more common in those who travelled more often.

Now, as well all know, it’s easy to throw your daily routine out the window when you travel so much. With a mixture of altered eating habits, a serious lack of sleep, increased stress and decreased activity, it’s inevitable that your body will take a hit.

Even though you are working onsite, you still need to think about yourself. Do yourself a favor…try to sneak in a visit to your hotel’s gym. Exercise can be helpful. Not only is it a stress reliever, but it will also help you catch up on some much need sleep time and help to burn off those extra calories that you may have consumed by eating those chips from the minibar.

Speaking of your appetite, many hotels offer smart choices on their room service menus. Consider ordering that smoked salmon plate with a fruit parfait rather than the double cheeseburger and fries. One tip that some travelers find helpful is not to request a key to the minibar. That way, even if you do have a craving, you won’t have access to the candy bars and potato chips.

What kind of measures do you take to stay healthy on the road? Are you able to find the time to exercise when you are onsite? What about your diet? Do you find yourself snacking on foods that you wouldn’t normally eat at home?

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