Women…A High Priority

Did you know that women make up over 40% of business travelers? Apparently, hotels do and they have been making adjustments to appeal to their female clientele as much as possible. Comfort is a high priority when it comes to women travelling alone for business. We as women like to be able to check-in to a hotel knowing that our everyday needs are being considered. Hotels have been stepping up to the plate trying to make a woman’s stay feel more personal.

One of the biggest moves in making female clientele feel more comfortable during their stay is the creation of women-only floors. Hotels like the Crowne Plaza in Washington, DC have such floors available Sunday through Thursday. Don’t worry, if a colleague of the opposite sex needs to stop by your room to access the intranet via company laptop, they are allowed. Additionally, if the hotel is sold out, they have no choice but to open these floors to all travellers.

We always manage to leave something behind when we go out of town. Amy Mehta, Account Manager at Meditech Media™ doesn’t like to go onsite without her favorite face wash and moisturizer; however, sometimes she’s running late to the airport and forgets to pack them. Some properties are able to provide name brand spa products, such as Bliss® or Bath and Body Works®, in situations where the guest forgets their own. While these brands might not be her preference, they may still suit her better than the normal skincare products offered at many hotels. Kimpton® hotels adopted a program especially for instances such as this. They call it “Forgot it? We’ve Got it!”. This service provides most of the common items that might have been left behind by a traveller. From sunscreen to hairspray, and even heating pads to sooth the aches and pains of a busy day, it is nice to know that they try to cover all the bases. The idea behind these floors is to make women feel more comfortable, knowing that all of their needs are being met.

Also, in the interest of catering to women, more hotels are providing things like manicure sets, salon-grade hair dryers, makeup mirrors with lighting and magnification and lighter room service menu options.

What are some of the other trends you’ve noticed? Leave a comment and let us know!

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