Meeting QR Codes

If you don’t have an iPhone or Android-based phone, then you might not know what these silly looking barcodes are. Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be used to share information from various platforms using a cell phone’s camera in combination with a code reader application. It’s basically a fun, fast and green way to share information.

Anyone can make a QR code using various free generators online. Such sites include, Kaywa, Qurify and Delivr. Check out the one that we created…go ahead, scan it and see where it takes you:

The QR code can contain contact information, or link to a website containing presentation slides, coupons or session summaries. These codes can be put on a number of items like business cards, flyers, TV commercials, emails and websites. Their placement and uses are limited only by your imagination.

A colleague shared the article “A Better Conference Experience” with our team last week. It provides an excellent scenario as to how QR codes enable conference organizers, sponsors and attendees to share enormous amounts of valuable information while onsite.

How would you use QR codes to further your attendees’ conference experience? Do you think your sponsors would be on-board with such a unique way of sharing information? What are some other apps that you’ve used while on-site?

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