Food Truck Comeback

Food trucks aren’t just for New York City and the west coast any more. Being based in Atlanta, we have loved seeing food trucks pop up particularly in Midtown. The critics agree the most famous is Yumbii for their Korean tacos, but you can also find south of the border flavors at

The Pickle, photo courtesy of

Pickle, and don’t forget dessert from Yum Yum Cupcakes. This revolution is mostly with thanks to the Atlanta Street Food Coalition, who are trying to popularize and re-brand food trucks in the metro area.

Even in slightly smaller cities like Fort Worth, Texas, food trucks continue to rise in popularity with choices ranging beyond your standard taco truck to Holy Smokes BBQ (where they smoke all their meat onsite and provide homemade pickles with every order), and Il Cane Rosso, where you can get authentic Neopolitan pizzas.

Perhaps some of the most exciting things about food trucks aren’t just the lower prices and the ability to eat on the go from somewhere other than a drive-through. It’s about community and authenticity.

Neopolitan pizza from Il Cane Rosso

Restaurants are expensive to open and run, but food trucks provide a happy go-between for innovative cooks with delicacies to share. If you’re a germ-a-phobe, don’t despair. These new food trucks aren’t the Mexican taco stands you may associate with mobile food. Take a chance on entrepreneurship (and go off of recommendations).

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