Creativity Creates Creativity

Financial and Insurance Meetings online posted an article claiming creative spaces induce create meetings. In fact, the article states, “For Chicago-based Eva Niewiadomski, owner of a quirky and colorful event space called Catalyst Ranch, the key to creativity is an engaging environment. ‘It’s incredibly important to how individuals feel, to the caliber of work they create, and to the outcome of meetings,’ she says.”

We couldn’t agree more, even though so often budgets and regulations prohibit the exploration of creative venues. Three places we’ve previously reviewed as beyond unique are listed below.

East Coast: Old Edwards Inn
West Coast: Cavallo Point
Somewhere In Between: Blackberry Farm

Other venues we’ve come across in the last year are the Chicago Illuminating Company, exuding a modern, urban loft feel for your large one-night event, and the Inn at Lake Granbury for a retreat option with tons of amenities that can host a small to medium sized meeting.

We love a reliable Westin, but sometimes you want to break out of the box and feel a sense of place beyond a brand.

Google's Brainstorming Room

Even within office spaces, we love to see companies who make coming to work fun. Google’s Brainstorming Room is a great example of using space design to foster personal creativity, as is Gap’s Rubik’s Cube Room.

Have you had the opportunity to take a meeting or event somewhere particularly unique this year?

Gap's Rubik's Cube Room

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