Top 5 Reasons To Use a Travel Agent

Most people like to believe they can do without the service of a good travel agent when they need to  book leisure or business travel.  Gary C. Sain, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) provides 5 Top Reasons for Choosing a Travel Agent.

1. Ability to provide the best options and prices. It is not just about price. Consumers should look to travel agents to provide the best overall solution to their individual travel needs.

2. Saving money. Value is what everyone is looking for, and this is where the travel agent can provide a discernible difference. By properly qualifying customers upfront, your agent can recommend relevant offerings and also provide cost saving strategies.

3. Product knowledge. This is the most important attribute next to the offering of pricing and product options. Travel agents can position themselves to be travel experts when they have the proper training and knowledge to back it up.

4. Ability to answer questions about safety/security. Travel agents can provide a terrific service to their customers by providing this information on a timely basis. Many sources are available; some good examples are:,,,

5. Saving time. The value of a travel agent is the ability to provide a personalized travel experience at the right quality and price and most importantly, saving time and energy for their customer.

So before you start surfing the internet for that great travel deal, consider all the benefits of using a travel agent.

[A big thank you to Cookie Jenkins, one of our Integress travel agents, who contributed this post.]



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