Everyone Sells

New business can no longer be relegated to those tasked with making cold calls. Regardless of your specific job function each of us is a sales person, always selling ourselves, a product, or a service.

Think about it: If you work at home for your own internet business with no employees and no boss other than yourself,  you sell your services to the clients that would hire you to provide internet services.  If you are a meeting planner in charge of the onsite execution of events, you sell your expertise to the customer so that they will continue to do business with your company.  From the CFO to the receptionist, everyone has a responsibility to sell.

From the accurate reconciliation of financial accounts to the friendly, proficient distribution of incoming calls, all require you to sell yourself and your company to the internal and external customers of your company.  So even though you may not have the actual title of a sales person, we all have a responsibility to sell in hopes of garnering new business for our company.

How do you sell within your particular job title?


[Special thanks to Brenda Wilson, Conferencing Marketing Director at Integress, who was a significant contributor to this post.]

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