Tweetsgiving 2010

We are so honored to participate in EpicThanks Tweetsgiving again this year. After another year that many haven’t seen an uptake, we have so much to be thankful for.

  • 2010 was still hard on a lot of folks, but it was one of our busiest and most productive years yet.
  • We not only made it through the largest conference we produce and have been working on for more than three years (at over 1400 people, and internationally at that), but we did so with extremely positive feedback from both client and attendees.
  • We’ve added staff members who have become valued assets to our team.
  • Because of our busy load, it seems we’ve all learned a bit more about each other, our strengths and needs.
  • After a year of what seemed like tons of traveling, I think I can speak for the team in saying we are grateful to be at home (or at someone’s home) for the holidays, and have a little time to rest and recuperate.
  • 2011 looks promising.

What are you thankful for this year?

Learn more about the phenomenal things Epic Change is doing here.

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