Proof that Meetings Matter

If you don’t already use Google (or some form of) analytics, I highly recommend it. You can learn a great deal about your audience: when, how, what and how long they read your content, for instance. For one of our clients, we provide a number of services, but meetings are certainly the backbone of the client’s outreach to its members. We knew these meetings are crucial to the success of the client, but check out this chart.

This is a snapshot of the client’s web site traffic for the first three quarters of 2010. You can distinctly tell there were three main meetings this year: The line starts high (first meeting was in early February), peaks in late February (second meeting in early March), levels out and then peaks again strongly in September (the third, and largest meeting). Now note how the site has seen a gradual decline since September…you know why? Because no more meetings have been published as upcoming.

If that’s not proof that meetings can fuel a company’s growth and brand awareness, I don’t know what is. To read more on the importance of meetings, go back and read our previous post, Do Face to Face Meetings Trump Virtual?.



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2 responses to “Proof that Meetings Matter

  1. Well written and absolutely true. There is a world of information about your business practice and your customer base stored in your web analytics.

    You can learn even more about your business and marketing efforts by carefully doing things like tracking e-mails and banner ads with special code in the links. You can even track offline marketing like television, print and billboards by giving a special URL with a special offer only valid on the URL.

    For instance, running a Super Bowl commercial, then have the customer visit to get a free coozie with purchase or something. The value of knowing how your customer finds your product is way more valuable to your organization than any special discount or freebie you offer.

    Next time you watch tv, look at magazine ads or see a billboard, you will start to notice URLs that have something to do with the ad, at least with your smarter marketing companies, that understand the value of understanding the presence.

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