Cheeky Find

To me, there is little better than tasting really fantastic food. Only occasionally do I stumble across a restaurant that offers something truly unique and delicious, so when it happens, I try to spread the word.

Last week, I found a restaurant with garage-type doors for windows, so when the weather is sublime (like it is right now for instance), up the windows go to make the restaurant seem like an open-air market. The restaurant, Cheeky’s, is known for PYOB (pour your own beer) because several tables have built in taps that allow you to pour your own beer and it tracks your consumption automatically for billing. Ambiance? Check.

Cheeky Burger

The restaurant defines itself as a Mexican Taqueria but the flair and vast options will allow even those who aren’t into Mexican find something they can love. Wings, cuban sandwich and a great burger are all on the menu.

I had the Cheeky Burger which comes with a poblano slaw and avocados on top, and a drizzle of buffalo sauce, a surprising but well-complemented combination.

We also ordered the Taco Trio (one shrimp, one fish and one pork) which I understand all were perfect. I tried the pork taco, and the mango slaw calmed the spicy pork wonderfully.

Cheeky’s,  a find that’s a bit outside the city on the northside up in Suwanee and Cumming, is well worth the trip.


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