Your EMS Needs

Apologies for our absence but we’ve been laboring under a 1400-person, 5-day international conference. Not that that is an excuse.

As we jump into Fall and begin getting our wits about us, we’ve been doing a lot of evaluating and organizing. Organizing our files, supplies, systems and communications. As event managers, an event management system (EMS) should assist in every facet of our job from sending RFPs to managing a room block to creating a seamless registration process. It should provide structure, control, customization and tracking tools to make our jobs easier and keep the business on track.

Some critical points to think about when building, buying or re-evaluating your current EMS.

  • Efficiency. Does the system make business run smoother and more streamlined?
  • Accessibility. Is it simple enough for even the late-technology adapters to catch on but complex enough to handle all your needs?
  • Reporting. Does it allow you to pull custom reports, manage attachments, email streams and room pick-up?
  • Quality Control. The EMS should create an environment, where as much as possible, mistakes are a thing of the past.

Do you love or hate your EMS? What are some critical aspects when determining if a system meets your business needs?

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