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Radio hall-of-famer, Dr. Laura, thinks blogging is narcissistic. I thought about it for a minute, and although I can see where she’s coming from, blogging can be so much more than me, me, me.

A great start to the argument is reading a great blog post titled, “4 reasons your blogger outreach program shouldn’t be about leads” by Arik Hanson of Communications Conversations.

Professional (and even sometimes personal) blogging is far more than self-promotion. Or at least it should be.

  • Community building: I agree with Arik that first and foremost blogging is about relationships. Building them, maintaining them, and finding them.
  • Information sharing: Similar to relationships, blogging has become a prominent means of information sharing. You post insights and information that better your community, industry and readers. The free-flow of ideas is integral to business growth.
  • Critical thinking: Just like in gradeschool, writing makes the writer(s) think critically about the subject in a way that no other exercise can. If you have the time and resources to get your company (or yourself) involved in a blog or other writing endeavors, I would venture to say that it would increase the critical development of your corporate output, as well as stand as a forum for internal (and external) brainstorming.

What have I left off of this list? Add your thoughts below.



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4 responses to “Blog Purposefully

  1. As an adjunct to “Information Sharing” you might think about all of the people you might help. While I really enjoy hearing from the people that I have helped on issues, and I know that I’ve helped many others (through analytics) that I don’t hear from there is one person I have helped out immensely.

    Me. Not the me in that it does help me think critically, but I know at least twice now I have “googled” for an answer only to find my own blog, my own writing and my own critical thinking be the exact answer I was looking for that I had apparently forgotten.

    A really good tip when thinking about what to write about is anytime that you have found something really obscure (might work better in technology) and blog to help others out. You never know when you might forget about that obscure process and end up helping yourself all over again. Its like giving Google your scrap of heaps and letting it instantly find the chicken scratch from years ago that solves that same problem.

    Here are some other tips on Getting Blog Done

  2. I think one of the big benefits of blogging that’s largely overlooked is the art of writing itself. Whether it’s for cathartic purposes or sharing relevant information, you will most certainly hone your writing skills by blogging a few times a week. I know I have.


    • Meg Hasten

      Arik–I completely agree and share your insight on writing in itself being cathartic. There’s something about writing it down that helps you to let go, or think clearer, or organize your thoughts. (Enjoyed your post by the way!) Cheyenne–It is always nice to go back and read previous posts to see where I was at then and how it’s relevant today. Thanks for the comment guys!

  3. I have just began the undertaking of writing a blog. I am finding it a great way to journal and express myself. My creative juices do not get the chance to flow too often as a sales executive, so, this kind of gives me that outlet to make fun of myself and add a little humour to things.
    I have found too that information that is posted not out of a “have to” and comes from a place of “want to” is much better to digest!
    My Blog:
    Frankie’s Life in the Not-So-Fab Lane

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