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Atlanta Spot: Brick Store Pub

In tribute to our home base of Atlanta, we are going to periodically highlight local hot spots that we’ve visited and think bring unique charm and character to the great city we call home.

Nestled in the town square of Decatur, the Brick Store Pub evokes fond memories of the TV show Cheers, where everyone knows your name and your drink of choice. An intimate, casual atmosphere calms you even before you enter the front doors–the outdoor patio is the perfect spot for sitting on a warm afternoon.

The service was different in that we didn’t seem to have just one waiter, but a variety of staff visited our table to check in and see what we needed or bring what we’d already requested. The choices were vast, especially if you’re a beer connoisseur.  I had wine, though, the Dupont Cidre Bouche which lilted flavors of tart grapefruit and white peach, making it (in my opinion), the perfect flavors to ring in Spring, (and reasonably priced too).

The food isn’t your typical bar food either. It may have started out that way, but the behind-the-scenes folks jazz up their recipes with creativity and spunk. Instead of your typical cheese dip, try their aged pimiento cheese with roasted red pepper coulis on a crostini. For an entree, Brick Store has something for everyone, whether you want a heaping salad or a savory burger; they’ve got your number.

Brick Store Pub
125 E Court Square
Decatur, GA
404 687 0990‎

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