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Green Contract Clauses at Work

Last weekend, Integress produced a 120-person conference on Neglected Influenza viruses with top international professionals from prominent agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, University of Florida, and Department of Health and Human Services. With the meeting being held at Amelia Island Plantation where the natural environment was already integral to the culture, it was a perfect opportunity to implement our first green meeting clauses into a hotel contract.

Overall, we were very impressed with Amelia Island’s sustainability efforts. In particular, their recycling efforts were amazing. They did back-of-house sorting, which would have to happen regardless and ultimately makes it that much easier for the delegates. In individual rooms bags were provided for can disposal, and they even had “recycling huts” sprinkled around the property, so that being environmentally conscious extended beyond the meeting space.

We’ve created an evaluation form which we’ll use henceforth during post-meeting follow-up with both our clients and venues. Take a peek on the Integress site, and leave your feedback below.

*isirv, as a medical association, was a particularly relevant client to institute these sustainability initiatives at their meeting. They’re proud to give back (and they didn’t even pay more to do it).

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