Holiday Cheers

This year’s holiday cheers go to South City Kitchen in Midtown Atlanta. The perfect hosts for our corporate holiday dinner, South City Kitchen provided explemplary service as well as tasty and contemporary eats all in a unique and cozy atmosphere.

As a meeting planner, it’s just so nice to come upon a restaurant that knows how to handle groups. I’ve listed my favorite high points below.

  • The staff was informed of our group, group name and dinner location, so attendees didn’t have to wander around aimlessly. A greeter met them at the door and escorted them to our enclosed, private patio.
  • Stragglers were handled with ease. Even the latecomers were given smiles, a menu, and not rushed through their meals.
  • Attentiveness with a capital A. We were given three attendants who handled our group of 30 flawlessly. They never let a drink get too low and kept a constant flow of food without being pushy. It felt casual and relaxed, but you were never wondering when the next course would show up.
  • The food was traditional enough so even picky eaters could find something to their liking, but still their most traditional dishes had a flair that left you curious for more. I believe they call it contemporary southern–A fun mix if you ask me. They are known for their fried chicken, but let me also recommend their fried green tomatoes, barbecue shrimp skewers and spice cane syrup glazed scallops.
  • The atmosphere was unbeatable. An intimate, enclosed and heated patio attached to the main restaurant (which is in an old, renovated house) overlooked the Midtown street and provided a private yet engaging space to mingle and catch up with colleagues whom, lately, you’ve only had the opportunity to ask about purchase orders. It’s the type of place you wear heels into but stay to relax.

A big Holiday Cheers to our friends at South City Kitchen Midtown. We honestly feel we couldn’t have chosen a better venue for our seasonal gaity.


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