What Happens In Vegas…Goes Home With You

Whether you go home with savings or debt, Vegas these days is a contradiction of sorts. Having just come back from Casino Town, money is clearly fresh on my mind. To be honest, I wasn’t there for work. I was there on vacation…because I kept hearing how affordable Vegas is these days. For example, we sourced hotels in the southwest two months ago and received some astonishing rates. Hard Rock quoted $79++ per room, while others were in the low $100s. I thought to myself, “What better time than now? 

The answer? Later—Once I have saved up enough to cover the cost of food, despite the deceivingly low room rates. I didn’t scrounge around for the cheapest meal on the strip, (I knew where to find the McDonald’s), but I did stop for what I thought would be our “light” meal of the day only to pay an astonishing $30 for essentially two fast food meals. And the most expensive meal of our trip? The steakhouse left us both feeling empty: my steak was inedibly spongy in texture, with an au jous sauce (this should be a crime against beef), and my husband got sick later in the evening from his meat.

I’m not saying there aren’t places worth a few extra bucks but regardless, the food prices were disproportionate with the savings from room rates, which still makes Vegas a splurge location.

Don’t get me wrong. I love The Vegas. And I think even for meetings, it has a candle on the cake. I just don’t want you to be deceived by the hype. Vegas is the same old Vegas you’ve known and loved, and almost just as expensive.

Are you planning or have you recently planned a meeting in Vegas? We’d love to hear your feedback on bang for buck.


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