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Not only has social networking redefined how we do business and keep relationships, the access to it on a mobile spectrum has created an entirely new arena for exploration.  listmakerBesides, we all know that, as an event professional, being able to use something on-the-go is next to having space to carry your pillow with you on every trip OR finding a really great restaurant at the airport property your client chose.

Some favorite apps from event professionals are listed below. We’d love for you to list your favorites (or ones that are not worth the time or money).

List Maker! allows users to create and keep up with multiple lists at once. So whether your To Do List, your Grocery List or even your list of login passwords is what you need help remembering, List Maker! allows you to customize just about everything. List Maker! requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Waking up in strange places is an occupational hazard. Get more familiar with your surroundings with AroundMe, whether you need a gas station, a Kinkos, or a restroom. And we love that it’s also free. No price can be put on knowing where you are.

Naturespace (and brother Thundergod app), allow you a little piece of serenity delivered directly through your earbuds. Forget the dinging elevator, or the crying baby in the seat behind you. According to the Naturespace blog, “Both apps are collections of carefully crafted ambiences designed to loop seamlessly and invisibly, creating a ‘steady-state’ holographic listening experience.” Still not convinced you need it? It’s free for your iPhone of iPod Touch.

Epicurious, another free app, came highly recommended by several industry folks. You can look up recipes, find specific restaurants, as well as get access to all the informative (and fun) articles on the Epicurious main page. Plus, I just like to commend people for being clever when naming their company.

We must have our fingers on social media, even when we’re on the move. Facebook has a great app out, but there are tons for Twitter. Tweetie and Twittelator were two favorites.

For the event creative type, myPANTONE has gotten incredible reviews. Not only can you extract colors from photos, but the app will generate complementary combinations, and allow you to email or upload palettes.

Which apps save you time (and make you happy)?

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  1. Amy Grow

    Apps have become so helpful it is like having a concierge in your pocket. Thank you Integress for reminding me of new ways to use technology and help my client even faster.

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