Promises We Keep

Promises are as much as a part of our every day lives as squelching that 10am craving for the doughnuts in the break room. Though the expectation is often there, we aren’t miracle workers andpromise have to be realistic in managing the expectations of our coworkers, clients and vendors. We’re revealing three promises that we fight tooth-and-nail to keep.

  1.  First and foremost, communication. Above all and in the top priority, we hereby promise to keep all lines open and honest so you know where we stand, what our expectations and goals are and the timeframe in which we think those can be met without sacrificing quality. We will answer the phone when you call and reply to emails when they arrive. You won’t have to call to check in or to manage our progress. We all have different methods to our madness—some cover their walls with post-its and some are take more mental notes—but we will remember.
  2. Budget. The dreaded word typed out loud. We’ll tell you what you can expect for your money so you won’t be blindsided and can make important decisions appropriately, but push come to shove, we’ll meet or beat the budget provided in a quality and professional manner. No judgment here. Hey, everyone’s wallets are skinnier than we’d like and we really do understand. Plus, we don’t want to be the reason for your grey hair.
  3. What we can control, we will. And sometimes, hopefully, before you even have to ask. Your worries can be met at the door with the warm-as-cocoa knowledge that we’re in your corner, and we’re doing every thing we can.

Don’t get me wrong. These are perhaps the most difficult aspects of our job, but the ones that are most important for our work and those we work with. We challenge you to figure out what it is you do well and maximize on it. Embrace it, (not like you would a teddy bear, more like you would a talent for jousting). Let us know what you think we’re missing or should add to our repertoire of focus.


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