Pink Out

As our community involvement initiative this year, we’ve been gearing up for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer through the American Cancer Society. While each of our team members have been individually fundraising, we’ve been fundraising as a team inside the office to inspire excitement and raise more money for our team. Let us share some of our ideas on how we’ve kept ourselves motivated and created it in others.

  • Spirit Show. The very first week of our campaign, we made pink ribbon cutouts to decorate our cubicles and our doors. Each team member received one as they joined the team, and the remaining were sold to others in the office who wanted to donate.
  • Bake Sale. A great idea I got from a LinkedIn group member was to match up a bake sale with ACS’ More Birthdays campaign, however, we did a different take. On Oct. 1, to celebrate both the coming of fall and of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we hosted our bake sale selling our favorite fall treats. We had cupcakes, brownies, mini sweet potato pies and sausage balls. At the bake sale, we also accepted general donations in exchange for the pink ribbon cutouts.
  • Pink Out Day. A week and a half before the walk we sponsored a Pink Out Day in the office and encouraged everyone to wear pink to show their spirit. We also provided pink treats in the breakroom, including pink fruit punch and sugar cookies with pink ribbon icing. Also on the table, we left cards where people could write the name of someone they would like to honor, as well as brochures with walk information.

Don’t get us wrong–It has been difficult to garner involvement, (we know, everyone’s busy), but creative measures that involved and excited everyone (did I mention bake sale?) have increased awareness and quelled some initial cautious associations with fundraising. Individual fundraising aside, our team has raised over $80 in two weeks, just inside our office walls.

The Atlanta Strides walk is October 24, and our Integress team continues to get more excited to support such a great cause as well as experience an opportunity to enjoy each other and each other’s important people outside the walls of work.


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2 responses to “Pink Out

  1. Hi,
    I have indeed liked the fundraising ideas which inspired excitement and kept the motivation.Do you think it can be spread to different office blocks?Dont you think if you fail to get an enthuastic person ro raaly behind those good ideas it can be a flop?

    Florence Kate

  2. Meg Hasten

    That’s a great question and one we ambitiously took on this year. Our headquarters is in Atlanta, but we also have an office in New Jersey. Although we did have a small Strides team in NJ, we had difficulty transferring the engagement from Atlanta to NJ. We maintained communication between branches indicating what our plans were so they could implement likewise if they chose, but I think a great deal of enthusiasm is lost between channels. Do you think one of the Atlanta leaders should have visited the other branch with a creative activity to start things off? I would love input as to how others have done this successfully!

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