Destination Highlight: Cavallo Point

If a client gave me total discretion to host a meeting anywhere I wanted, let me tell you a secret: I’d be ready and eager with an answer.

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Hands down, the one venue I can’t get out of my head is Cavallo Point Lodge, in the San Francisco Bay area, near Sausalito.

Though I’ve never been, I have tons of personal reasons for my interest, including that it’s been renovated from its former purpose as Fort Baker’s military post; the history buff in me both appreciates and desires to take part in the restoration of what once was and will now continue to be. The buildings retain their historical integrity while furnished with contemporary and sophisticated elements that bring them into this century.

The location really can’t be beat. Look across the bay for panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay or explore the village of Sausalito. Wine country and easy airport access are all within a short drive, and on-grounds you are sitting in the heart of the Golden Gate National Parks and have both a cooking school and a healing arts center and spa to keep you occupied. Everything is literally at your fingertips, whether you’re hosting a meeting for adventurists, winos or delegates who want to meet in the midst of inspiration.

I just finished a series on sustainability and I love that Cavallo Point is a model for green practices. U.S green Building Council LEED certification and the green Seal Environmental Standard of U.S. Lodging Properties are both pending in review of Cavallo Point’s sustainability efforts. Their reuse of historical materials, promotion of the preservation of local, endangered species, and partnership with other sustainability efforts, (The Institute at the Golden Gate and The Good Night Foundation), are all steps in the green direction. My favorite sustainability practice is their commitment to buy local, whether it’s food or wine. In a region with such culinary innovation, it’s exciting for tourists and planners alike to know that when you stay, you are involved.

Cavallo Point lists itself as a luxury resort hotel, so in spite of its incredible offerings to groups looking for an interesting destination to meet, I anticipate having difficulty placing a group there in the near future. Regardless, with a convincing list of reasons in hand, I will continue to hope for the perfect opportunity to place a meeting in such an extraordinarily unique venue.

Have you been to Cavallo Point, or do you have a suggestion for a future Destination Highlight? Comment below. We love comments.

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