Tradeshow Shoecase

Ask any lady in the convention industry and she will tell you that if you find a really good pair of tradeshow shoes, you will think you have won the lottery.

So you ask, what makes a shoe tradeshow-worthy? That is a trick question to start with because there is no such thing as a tradeshow SHOE!  Tradeshow SHOES are more the case.  Reason:  The shoes you start out with in the morning while your feet are feeling good and you are looking good are NOT the same shoes that will be your friend by 5:00 PM when you have 5 more hours to go before you can sit down.

The first key to a good tradeshow shoe is to have more than one pair at the ready. The second key is the order in which you wear the heel height. Say what? Yes, it makes a big difference!  If you are inclined to wear heels (nothing over 3” unless you are a glutton for punishment), then it is recommended that you start out with those in the morning.

As the day wears on, your feet will begin to say very bad things to you. And, by the time you are done with the first afternoon breakout, your feet are screaming bloody murder! Solution: It’s time to change shoes!

For the afternoon of running around, trying to stay awake (you’ve been up since 5:00 AM), and putting out a multitude of fires, a really good low-heel wedge or flats are your best option. This will allow your feet to expand a little after being cramped in those cute heels from the morning.  For those of us who’ve been in the business for a while, going low-heeled was previously a fashion nightmare. Thanks to the shoe manufactures, we now have many options that are comfortable and cute. You can wear them all day―and they even carry well into the night for the dinner gala or simple networking at the evening’s special gatherings!

Here are a few of my favorites! And as a true shoe-a-holic, I welcome ALL recommendations and suggestions on finding more! Happy shopping! Happy feet! 


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One response to “Tradeshow Shoecase

  1. Tradeshow shoes…definitely! – the oldest pair of tennis shoes you own. Just Kidding!!!!!!

    After just spending 4 days in San Diego, CA at the RISI North American Forest Products conference….this is fresh on my mind.

    Nothing brand new (they must be broken in), nothing with straps. But I always end up wearing a pair of shoes that “look” good with my outfit. Something that eventually ends up hurting my feet.

    Of your options – I’d go with something like the “best overall”…not too high, yet some style.

    Oh boy – my feet hurt just thinking about this!

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