Leave it Packed

With Fall upon us, business is picking back up. As a planner during busy season, you might as well leave the suitcase packed, so I took a poll of the office to see what items our planners never leave home without.

  •  Tech-Support. Whether it’s an extra USB drive,suitcases phone charger, or a spare extension cord (which also happens to spare your budget), traveling prepared is key because we’ve all experienced that Murphy’s Law applies most often to our tech devices.
  • Peace of Mind. We’re all a little different here but the general idea is that each of us requires something to keep our mind calm—be it Aspirin, an iPod or a good book. Going onsite is often sensory overload and you will need something to refresh and rejuvenate.
  • Extra onsite documents. If delegates even take the time to look through their onsite packet, they’ll lose the papers or forget they even have them. Take extras because they will be asked for.
  • Foot Fetish. On everybody’s list appeared a need for comfy shoes. You run, you stand, you walk, you explore, you run some more and then you drag yourself up to your room. Do your feet a favor.
  • On a Personal Note. I wasn’t surprised by most of the answers I received but I did, however, get a chuckle out of the personal quirks my coworkers have. Almost everyone mentioned personal care items like floss or cosmetics, and two said they never leave home without Lysol wipes, (which is unusual but I like the thought). My favorite, though, comes from Brenda, (our saavy new business development manager), who claims her craziness by admitting she always travels with a bed sheet. I think they provide those at the hotels but there’s no judgment here—I carry multi-colored pens for color-coding my planner. We all have something.


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2 responses to “Leave it Packed

  1. Yes I confess! My craziness needs some calm after a long day, so my “binky” provides a little comfort from home to help me wind down and relax in preparation for the next day.

  2. I use to travel with my feather pillow. It sure came in handy in Singapore, the hotel pillows were a little smelly. Several things I always carry when traveling for business, a first aid kit and purell. You never know when someone will need a bandaid.

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