Hello world!

welcome_matWelcome to the inaugural blog post for Integress Meetings and Events. We are quite excited to be joining the virtual world to start engaging with our readers, colleagues and clients in a more unique fashion than we have ever done before. We hope you’ll look forward to our more-than-weekly posts as sources of current industry news and updates, insight into our company and our people, and as an opportunity for authentic communication with each other.

What we want you to know about us

  • We’re serious about what we do. Very few of us work the standard 8 hour day, and all of us are engaged in our industry in various ways. When we write about meetings, we try to stick with what we know and what we do well. No one wants helpful hints from the intern.
  • We love people. In this industry, you have to. We welcome you to find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to continue the conversation and relationship in other realms. Or call us. We still keep phones on our desks too.
  • We believe in collaboration. While we write what we know, there will always be room in our space for differing ideas. Comments are enabled on this blog for that very reason. Open feedback makes us all stronger.

Next week, we will be jumping in and starting off with something that has been all the buzz in our office, and the industry also. The first in a series of three posts will highlight what going green means for meeting planners. We hope you’ll stop by Monday.

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